Technical capacity

IMOEL has a proven ability to implement the most effective and advanced technology in the development of its activity. A team of highly qualified professionals in a permanent process of training and the constant addition of technical improvements, allow IMOEL to offer highly competitive solutions.

Our team consist of engineers and graduates, technical engineers, assistant graduates, draftsmen, administrative, managers, first, second and third class officials and technical specialists.

IMOEL has a Technical Office, able to provide our customers the best solutions to their projects. Due to its multidisciplinary nature, we offer a joint, accurate and quality solution in any need comes up.

Our Technical Office analyzes all projects, offering our customers alternatives and improvements based on our experience. We have last generation tools for the carrying out of our studies and analyses of the projects in which we participate.


One of these tools is BIM (Building Information Modeling), which facilities the interaction at the highest level and optimizes performance, contributing to our company a methodology able to meet all needs of our customers.

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